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Mindful Movement Pilates Training Studio

Carrie Stillman, PMA®-CPT & Certified PilatesTrainer Since 1994
1712 Casita Ct.,Santa Rosa, CA 95409


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Welcome to MINDFULMovement Pilates Training Website

Fitness, rehabilitation, and personal training sessions with Carrie Stillman, based on the principles developed by fitness pioneer Joseph H. Pilates, which includes exercises performed on the floor (“mat work”) and on specialized spring loaded equipment.

What Pilates can do for you?

  • Builds strength, flexibility, co-ordination, balance, endurance, concentration, fluidity, control, centering, precision, and cardio-vascular stamina.
  • Produces long, lean, supple muscles, which helps prevent injury and tension, reducing stress and fatigue.
  • Improves focus and energy stores by integrating the mind and body through deep breathing and concentrated movement performance.
  • Concentrates on the “core” muscles (abdomen, pelvis, and back) which help restore good posture and promotes functional and efficient movement mechanics.
  • Teaches you not to strain your muscles, but to enjoy the movements as you stretch and strengthen them.
  • Benefits ALL fitness levels, professions, and daily activity function.
I have been with Carrie for three plus years. She has helped my physical and mental approach to life, health, and spirit. It has been rewarding and fun and very valuable.
Leanne Pearson, Santa Rosa, CA


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