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Carrie Stillman, PMA®-CPT & Certified Pilates
Trainer Since 1994
1712 Casita Ct.,Santa Rosa, CA 95409

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About Carrie Stillman

Carrie Stillman PMA®-CPT holds an MA in Dance Education and is a Certified Pilates Trainer (CPT) with the Pilates Method Alliance and PhysicalMind Institute. She has been teaching in the areas of Dance and Pilates fitness since 1994. The almost two decades of hands on teaching experience has given her the biggest education of all. In addition to her active work life of teaching both Pilates and Dance, she also continuously studies current practices in functional anatomy, exercise physiology, and the practical application of using Pilates for rehabilitation, conditioning, injury prevention, and functional movement reeducation. She draws from an eclectic blend of several holistic movement therapies and bodywork to devise an integrative, thorough, and appropriate personalized program for her clients. Besides owning and operating her own Pilates studio, Carrie has been an adjunct faculty member at Santa Rosa Junior College since 2000 teaching Dance and Pilates (mat classes only) in the Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance Department, as well as choreographing for musicals in the Theatre Arts Department.

Carrie Stillman Pilates Trainer

Client Testimonials

My husband and I have been going to Carrie Stillman for Pilates training for a year now and I have had remarkable changes. I had trouble with both knees and was having shots in my left one. This has now greatly improved. When the knees got better the problem moved down to my ankles and I had trouble even walking and bending them. This too has completely corrected. It is not just the Pilates 2 days a week, it is Carrie’s deep knowledge of the physical body and unique and effective ways to help the problems you might have. Thank you Carrie! At 76, I feel great.
Trudy Warren, Oakmont/Santa Rosa, CA. Client since August 2013.

I have been doing Pilates with Carrie Stillman for several months now, and boy am I glad my love introduced me to her! I had recently moved to the area and had been complaining about back pain. Scoliosis, ovarian surgery, and an active lifestyle had been taking its toll on my spine, and throwing my body out of alignment. Surgery without rehabilitation had me over working and straining some muscles while under working others for years. Going to the chiropractor was simply not enough. Carrie has been helping me learn about my body and its needs. Most of us find ourselves sitting in cars, in chairs, at the computer for most of our day. Unless you’re a dancer or teach some sort of exercise class then that is simply the way it is. More work needs to be done to keep us in shape and well balanced. I have noticed a definite change in the way I carry myself in my day to day activities. Stretching (even when I’m sitting), better posture, using my core (which I had forgotten about), these are a just a few. I have more body awareness now. I also sleep without pain. I still have a lot of work to do and it is a constant process, but I feel I have more tools thanks to Carrie at Mindful Movements Pilates Training. I highly recommend seeing her.
>Soleil Johnson, age 29, client since January 2014

Carrie and her Pilates training have helped me so much! I have been practicing with Carrie for over 4 years now, and it has helped in so many ways...my chronic shoulder blade pain is gone, my posture is better, my core stronger, and going once a week helps keep my neck pain at bay. Carrie is a supportive and experienced instructor that keeps me challenged every week. I would highly recommend Carrie and Mindful Movement Pilates Training for anyone looking to start or continue their Pilates training.
Erin C., Santa Rosa, CA

I have been a Pilates client of Carrie Stillman for 9 years during the time I past 60. My work with her has strengthened my core muscles and increased range of motion. My back no longer stiffens up when I get up to walk and my shoulders have good range of motion. This has allowed me to continue to mountain bike, ski and actively hike. Pilates is a good antidote to the loss of elasticity that comes with age and Carrie is a master trainer who personalizes training with a good sense of humor.
Joel Reiter, M.D. Neurologist

I have been with Carrie for three plus years. She has helped my physical and mental approach to life, health, and spirit. It has been rewarding and fun and very valuable.
Leanne Pearson, Santa Rosa, CA

Carrie Stillman’s Mindful Movement Pilates practice has been my gift to myself since the summer of 2001.Before that time, I found myself in my early forties, overweight, and unable to get out of bed each morning without my hips, ankles, feet, knees aching, especially on my right side. Carrie has not only assisted me with rehabilitation, but over the years, I have gained strength, balance, and mobility I never imagined possible. I even snowboard every winter and the more Pilates I do during the winter, the more fun I have on the slopes! I am forever grateful for Carrie’s no-nonsense and expert approach to my “whole” self. Carrie makes the Pilates practice a meaningful part of my life and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
Lynn Abaté Johnson- Kenwood, CA

When I started working with Carrie eight years ago, my hip hurt every time I danced. Carrie Stillman has given me the tools to manage my hip problem, and the strength to enjoy flamenco dancing and mountain biking. I couldn't do it without her. 
Charlotte Reiter - Santa Rosa, CA

Carrie is a wonderful trainer. She combines a deep knowledge of the body with a warm and engaging style that makes her a pleasure to work with. Her assistance has allowed me to continue activities that I was afraid I would have to give up.  
Kevin Cooper, MFT -Santa Rosa, CA

I have trained with Carrie Stillman since October 2010. During that time my posture has greatly improved as has my flexibility. Carrie's training greatly aided my successful summiting of Mt Kilimanjaro. She approaches her sessions with a keen sense of humor and has infinite patience in making sure a correct Pilates position is attained.
Steve Katz, Santa Rosa, CA

I've been seeing Carrie for 10 years, after my back went out. Since seeing her, my back has grown stronger and has not gone out again. Carrie's training program has strengthened my core not only making my back stronger but also strengthening my whole body. I have become a more physically integrated, stable, and stronger person. Carrie is very knowledgeable about anatomy and how the body works. She creates an excellent program focusing on the areas of the body that need attention. There's nothing like her one-on-one attention and an hour goes by before you know it. Carrie's sessions are a vital component of taking good care of myself.
Jane, Santa Rosa, CA

I particularly appreciate Carrie's depth of experience and knowledge about the body and how it works. She has helped increase my awareness of how I can affect good habits that will help me stay strong as I age.
Margaret Senneff - Santa Rosa, CA

Carrie has tremendous knowledge and experience with Pilates, movement and the human body in general. I appreciate her easy-going and supportive way of working. Carrie has helped me recover from injuries and learn ways to prevent recurring problems. Working with Carrie keeps me moving and keeps me strong, and I don't know anything else that is as effective. It is one of the very best things I do for myself.
Diana Doyle - Rohnert Park, CA

Carrie's Pilates instruction has helped my posture and strength. I originally sought out Carrie (after several outstanding referrals) for help with low back problems. By learning to concentrate and control my body movements, I have felt healthier and more in control of my body. I have been completely free of any back strain.
Laura Robertson- Santa Rosa

By strengthening my core through Pilates, I no longer experience chronic pain and have even been able to pursue additional aerobic exercise.  I feel better, look more fit, and know that I can continue this regimen without strain as I age.
Pat Wood-Santa Rosa, CA

I have been exercising with Carrie Stillman at her private studio for almost ten years. When I was young I was diagnosed with scoliosis, and while at first the curvature of my spine wasn't very pronounced, it became much worse as I started growing. Spinal fusion surgery was often brought up in doctor's visits, and I was fitted for a brace that I had to wear nightly. As my curve continued to grow, it was suggested to me to do Pilates, and after taking various mat classes around town and finding that they were not as specialized as I needed, a friend told me about Carrie. The improvement in my spine was so noticeable that my doctor stopped suggesting surgery within 2 years, and I was able to stop bracing every night in that time as well. Even today, when my scoliosis is not as great of a concern as it once was, Carrie takes care to check my spinal alignment and imbalances every week, and helps me to correct them. When my alignment has been particularly bad in certain weeks, she will help me figure out what I have been doing that is causing the imbalance (bad posture, a new activity, odd sleeping position, etc.) so that I can continue to improve my spinal alignment. If you have had an injury, or condition, or any sort of chronic pain or extreme tightness you MUST go to Carrie. Based on my experience, she will make sure that you continually improve in your flexibility, daily pain level, and overall healing. The combinations of exercises that she will have you do will always be different and never monotonous, but will still focus on your specific needs while creating a strong, balanced body. If you have ever taken Pilates mat group classes, this is a completely different Pilates experience! Not only will you be using a reformer, which allows for fine-tuning of difficulty level, but the regimen will be specifically for your body, your injuries, your weaknesses and strengths. Carrie has perfected the art of creating routines that are custom to you. I will never again take private Pilates sessions from a personal trainer who makes me do the same 5 general exercises every week! And yes, she WILL push you further than you will push yourself, like any excellent trainer MUST! She definitely makes sure you feel the burn in every exercise! Her private studio is one of the most well equipped I've ever used, complete with a Trapeze Table, 3 reformers (to allow for group lessons!), several barrels, balls, stretchy bands, foam rollers, etc! I feel as though I cannot convey adequately what a positive experience Carrie has had on my life. She has helped me avoid major surgery and made me a stronger person, both in mind and body. Carrie is very kind and loveable, so much so that you will find yourself excitedly looking forward to your session with her every week! You will leave her studio feeling strong and confident, and also feeling a little bit (or a lot) of muscle fatigue too!
Brittany West, 21 year old college student at Santa Rosa Junior College

I’ve often heard of Pilates, but never really gave it any thought. I just assumed it was some form of yoga like workout that was mostly for older women. Had I known then what I know now I would have started much sooner. When I was 18 I used to giggle when young people would complain about their back problems, I didn’t know I had a back. Therefore I did every dumb careless thing that a young man can do when he doesn’t know what back pain is. Then out of nowhere at about 21 it began, my back was on fire, it came out of nowhere and hit me like a stack of bricks. The pain was so severe that my body would go into shock. My back would just lock up, and one night I found myself crawling on the floor to use the bathroom. These episodes would come and go. When I drove I had a sharp sciatic pain shooting down my back and all the way down my legs. The condition worsened and soon it was normal to be in pain, a good day was no longer without any back pain, a good day now was a day with a tolerable back pain. The scary part, I was only 25 years old! My back problems superseded those back problems of anyone I knew. How could it be I wondered?! What is it going to be like when I’m 35, let alone 45; will I be even able to walk? As I’m writing this I’m actually remembering thinking these thoughts and imagining what my life would be like if I had to be put on strong pain killers and be bound to a wheelchair. I was actually considering a surgery or a metallic back brace to keep the compression off my spine. My life was falling apart, I could no longer run, jog, swim, travel, drive, sit, and soon sleep. I started seeing chiropractors, doing back stretches and trying different sitting and sleeping techniques, nothing was working, some would provide a temporary relief but most of the time, I was a mess! Eventually my physical condition began to affect the quality of my life, my attitude changed and my outlook on life was turning gloomy. I knew I had to do something! Fast and drastic! I began searching, I went through several therapies and saw many specialists, and no one was offering a sound solution. One day someone recommended Pilates, I almost laughed! They said they knew of Carrie Stillman who’s been teaching Pilates for a long time and that I should give her a shot. I figured I had nothing to lose. So I called, scheduled and showed up. I was in for a surprise! Carried began to tear me a part. From the way I was standing, to how I was sitting down, and she even told me that I didn’t walk right. Sounds funny now, but she knew her stuff! Some of the things she way pointing out were obvious, others…life changing! Carrie started re-educating me on how to properly use my body, everything from walking, standing and sitting down. We then began the Pilates core building workouts. Like Carrie said, if you want to have a tall and strong building, you need to develop a solid inner frame to support the weight. Common sense right!? Just a few months later it’s even hard to believe this, but ALL pain is gone! It’s like I never had any back problems, I’m back to how I used to be! I walk with pride and confidence once again. I got my life back! Now I can’t imagine my life any other way. No fancy chiropractors or simple back stretches could have done what Carrie did. She is one hell of an instructor! Her very disciplined and direct approach may almost seem unnecessary at times, but take it from me; she knows her stuff. Carrie is an artist and a master of Pilates. She can bring your body to balance, restore your inner core strength, and give you back your flexibility. Along with all of the physical rewards, I believe you will also develop a stronger identity. I did, and I thank Carrie for her gift! Get in her studio and take control of your life!
Art Kononuk, Santa Rosa, CA (28 years old)- Client since Nov 2012 - Current